• All registered Striper Cup participants are eligible to compete in the boat, kayak, and shore C&R categories.
  • Entries of ANY length aeccepted!
  • Every entry must include a photo of the fish that allows for a reasonable approximation of its size.


  • Submit up to 3 photos of released fish per week (across any combination of categories) through our ONLINE FORM or via text or email to Include angler’s name, phone number,home town, home state, category, and fish length to nearest whole inch.
  • Submission for the previous week closes on Monday at 5:00 PM. Submissions after that time will be applied to the next week’s prize drawing.


  • Weekly submissions of up to 3 fish (first 3 entered) are combined for a total length. At the end of each week, all participants will be entered into a random prize drawing: individual odds are relative to the total length earned over the week.
  • Entrants may win no more than three weekly prize in any C&R Category, over the course of the tournament. Entrants may request no more than 5 pounder pins for released fish over the course of the tournament.

Angler of The Year

  • Angler of the Year will be selected by the Striper Cup Committee and guaged by a number of factors including the number of fish submitted, overall size of catches, quality of photos and demonstrations of sportsmanship.
  • Angler of the Year winners are not eligible to win in consecutive years.


  • To receive a pounder pin for a released fish, please include an estimate of weight using a handheld scale or the formula Girth x Girth x Length/800. (Limit 5 pounder pins per angler over the course of the tournament.)