Week 9 Winners!

Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips

Boat: Jason Phillips from Yarmouth, MA
Prize: Shimano Tekota and G Loomis IMX Pro Blue IMX-Pro Combo (Tekota TEK501HGA/IMX-Pro 903C M)
Michael Berube
Michael Berube

Shore: Michael Berube from Carver, MA
Prize: Shimano Ultegra and Tiralejo Combo (Ultegra XTD ULT14000XTD/Tiralejo TRS120HA)
Andrew DiVito
Andrew DiVito

Youth: Andrew DiVito from Easton, CT
Prize: A Band of Anglers Lure Pack
Sean Maiorano
Sean Maiorano

Top Photo: Sean Maiorano from Marshfield, MA
Prize: Costa Sunglasses

Congrats to all winners!

Week 10 Prizes

• Week 10 Prize for Youth (Under 18): Yeti Hat and A Band of Anglers Lure Pack

A Band of Anglers lure pack

• Week 10 Prize for Top Photo: Costa Sunglasses


• Week 10 Prize Shore-Caught Striper: Yeti Haul

Yeti Haul

• Week 10 Special Kayak-Caught Striper: Yeti Roadie

Yeti Roadie

• Week 10 Prize Boat-Caught Striper: YETI Camino Carryall

Yeti Camino Carryall

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