Striper Cup FAQs

How do I enter my fish?
Simply submit a photo through the Striper Cup Website here. Ideally, the photo should show the angler holding the fish.

Do I need to have a tape measure visible in my photos?
No, not to win weekly prizes. You only need for the team and Hobie kayak competitions, which are run through an app.

How do you prevent people from exaggerating the length of their fish?
We can’t. That is why we use a weighted random drawing that minimizes any benefits of intentional exaggeration.

What if I want to keep a striped bass that I catch?
By eliminating weigh-ins, we encourage catch-and-release. However, it is not mandatory. If you catch a fish that you determine will not survive, or if you decide to harvest it, you can still enter it in the contest.

How big is the fish that wins the tournament?
The Striper Cup is not a big-fish-takes-all tournament. Any size fish can win a prize!

Who wins the Striper Cup trophy?
The Striper Cup trophy goes to the winning team. For more information on the team competition, click here.

How do I fish the Kayak Category? 
Along with the regular weekly prizes, there is a special competition for kayak fishermen. It’s run through iAnglerTournament. Learn more by clicking here.

Any other questions? Email us at