For the 2020 Striper Cup, in light of concerns for the striper stock and the creation of a slot limit requiring large striped bass over 35 inches, we discontinued the Team competition for The Striper Cup. The Team competition required large fish be removed from the water and photographed on a flat surface with a measuring device, as teams competed to see who could enter the 10 longest striped bass over the season. The Striper Cup Committee decided it was best to discontinue the team competition while also encouraging better catch and release practices.

Instead, we decided that the Striper Cup trophy itself would be awarded to a Club, Team, or Organization that best represented the spirit of the Striper Cup:  encouraging responsible participation in the striper fishery and striper conservation.

As the first annual recipient of the Striper Cup trophy under this new format, The Striper Cup Committee selected The Berkeley Striper Club.

Established in 1966, the Berkeley Striper Club is one of the largest and most active surf-fishing clubs in New Jersey. In 2010, they decided to change their long-running Spring Tournament to a length-based catch-and-release format. It was one of the first striped bass tournaments to do so, and it inspired other clubs – and The Striper Cup – to transition to catch-and-release tournament formats.

The Club also runs a tagging program that contributes to scientific data on the migration and growth rate of striped bass, and members have tagged and released over 25,000 stripers. The BSC Fisheries Defense Fund has provided more than $50k in financial support to conservation-minded organizations and striped bass research through academic institutions including Monmouth University, UMass and Rutgers University.

Congratulations to the officers and members of The Berkeley Striper Club. The club will receive the Striper Cup trophy to display until a new recipient is selected at the end of the 2021 Striper Cup.

Striper Cup Trophy